Rodriguez Bros. Pool Plastering Inc.

Started with four brothers Henry, Albert, Candy, Henry, and Fred Rodriguez in 1977, along with the help of the fifth brother Willies Rodriguez.

The five brothers worked for a large pool plastering company in the Los Angeles called, "Kerber Bros. Pool Plastering." This is where Albert, Henry, Candy, and Fred Rodriguez learned all aspects of the pool plastering trade, they soon moved to Juan Plastering in Sacramento

Candy Rodriguez drove a mixing truck, while Albert, Henry, Fred, and Willy learned how to trowel and finish pool plaster.

In those early days, plastering pools was done with a mixer, wheel barrows, rubber buckets, hawk and trowels. Throwing on the plaster by hand using rubber buckets was the way plaster was applied to gunited pools. Plastering one pool a day was the norm.

In the mid 70"s the brothers took their plastering pool experience to their home town of Sacramento, California. Knowing Sacramento has warmer climate than Los Angeles and the population growth in Sacramento was in it"s beginning stages - The brothers seized the opportunity to start a business in the Sacramento area. When they reached Sacramento the name "Rodriguez Bros Pools Plastering" soon became the talk around town. In 1977 a family business name "Rodriguez Bros Pool Plastering Inc." was established with all five brothers.

Today, with its first, second and third generation of pool plasters, Rodriguez Bros. Pool Plastering continues to offer 50 years experience, quality workmanship to it's customers and pool building contractors. When it comes to the pool plastering professionals "Rodriguez Bros. Pool Plastering Inc." has established the most recommended name in the industry.

You can trust us to do it right! Contact us today help you put the finishing touches to your dream pool or upgrade your seasoned pool.

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